Buffalo Saves Goalies

Up in Buffalo, Bucky Gleason says the Sabres should trade goalie Martin Biron while he’s still red-hot, the theory being that injured Ryan Miller is the Sabres long-term goalie, so Biron is just a kick-ass fill-in.
GM Darcy Regier says he’s not in a hurry to move a goalie, though.
I don’t blame him. While there are definite advantages to moving an athlete at the top of his game, any NHL team that wants to make a serious dent in the playoffs is probably going to need two goalies. You just can’t ride one hot goalie anymore. The game is too physical and demanding on goalies. Once Miller is back, there’s really no kind of guarantee he’ll stay back. Sure, the Sabres also have Mika Noronen, but I think it’s smart to hold onto your two best goalies, just to see how things shake out.
Speaking of New York State goalies, here’s a nice article on former Ranger Mike Richter, now taking classes and coaching at Yale.