Kings for a Season; Old Forever

It’s an interesting time to be an elderly NHLer.
Luc Robitaille, who broke into the NHL as a member of the Montreal Maroons, is riding the bench in LA (login info.). Robitaille says he won’t retire, though. Even though he had an awful season like this in Detroit in 2002-03 and a so-so one in LA in 2003-04.
Jeremy Roenick is also having trouble in LA, although he contends the problem is his skate blades. Yeah. The blades. Not the fact that he’s my dad’s age and seems to be spending the bulk of his free time trying to land a sit-com deal.
Also, out in LA, Marty McSorley is acting as a part-time fight coach to the Kings, not unlike OJ Simpson picking up work as a marriage counselor.