How I Spent My Winter Vacation

I was down in South Carolina for the holidays, where I actually got to take in some live hockey, checking out the Pee Dee Cyclones, who play in the Southern Professional Hockey League, a step (or two) below the ECHL.
It was about what you’d expect from low-level hockey, but there was one huge highlight for me. During the introductions, they announced that Ron Duguay was coaching the Jacksonville Barracudas (sing the riff from the Heart song every time you read that, please: Ooooh. barracuda). I couldn’t believe it was the same Duguay who played for the Rangers, so I ran out for a game program and it was! So during the second and third period, when the arena would get quiet, I’d try to start a “Let’s Go, Rangers” chant or I’d just sort of howl “Dooooooooogy” from across the ice, trying to get him to look up.
He didn’t.
And then the Cyclones blew a lead and lost in overtime. I like to think Duguay kicked his coaching up a notch when he heard my encouragement, though.