Between the Benches

The Boston Globe had some notes about the NHL on NBC. Apparently, they’re going to have a goalie cam and a reporter on the ice, between the benches.
I actually saw OLN do that to a reporter and it seemed pretty pointless. Sure, the reporter could talk to the coaches and players between whistles, but is that really a good idea? Maybe they all want to pay attention to the game? And why do you need a reporter at ice level? Isn’t that why we have cameras?
On a semi-related note, does anyone have any idea what kind of work load Doc Emrick and John Davidson are carrying on OLN? I know they’re supposed to be the lead announcers, but they both have full-time announcing gigs. And the few times I’ve flipped over to OLN (channel 1,712 here in New York), neither of them is working. And whenever I watch Devils or Rangers games (Emrick and Davidson work those teams), both are on the air.
It’s a delicious mystery.