¿Dondé Está Forechecking?

Ross McKeon had an interesting piece on how teams with less talent are learning to survive in the new NHL. He says pouncing on mistakes is the new trap (the defensive system — not what you use to catch bears). If you can’t score, then just wait for the other team to make a mistake.
Of course, if you can’t score, I’m not sure how the other team making a mistake is really going to help things.
You know. Unless the mistake is scoring on their own goalie.
Pierre Lebrun also just wrote about how coaches are adjusting to the new NHL. He talks to Panthers coach Jacques Martin, who said “The key now is really position, moving your feet and getting position on opponents.” Which is true. But it’s not really much more entertaining than hooking. Because while defensemen have adjusted to the new rules, forwards, whether from fatigue or too many whistles, are really backing off of the speed and aggressive forechecking.
And to be honest, I think that’s why the Canucks have been struggling. They’re just not as fast and as aggressive as they were in the season before the lockout. I’m not sure why defenses have adjusted while offenses haven’t, but I think it’s becoming more and more apparent.
Of course, you can be like Detroit Red Wing Kris Draper and try and adjust your offensive output by switching lockers.
He and a bunch of Wings switched lockers to try and get his offense going.
I guess it’s better than getting placed on waivers, right?
Right, Alexander Mogilny?