Bad News Rangers

It’s entirely possible that this is my New York-centric Ranger bias, but in this Q&A with Jeremy Roenick, Roenick says the title of “greatest American-born NHL player ever” goes to either himself or Mike Modano. How is Brian Leetch not in that mix?
Speaking of the Rangers, New York magazine had an amazingly well done profile of Rangers defenseman Darius Kasparaitis. You’ve got to love this part:

    After the players eat a quick meal, we all pile into Kasparaitis’s massive Ford Explorer. [Rangers defensemen Maxim] Kondratiev and [Fedor] Tyutin sit in back, I sit up front. “Okay, so you pay for gas,” Kasparaitis says to me as we get in. He reaches back and pulls down the little monitor in the ceiling between the back and front seats. “Okay, ducklings,” he tells Kondratiev and Tyutin, “we’re going to interview up here. You watch a movie. Take whatever you want. Here, Bad News Bears, you’ll like that.

Thanks to Blueshirt Bulletin for the link to the story. They also do a heck of a Rangers magazine.