Why I Like Honey Nut Cheerios

You know, say what you will about Joe Thornton, he’s a very nice guy.
I didn’t see the Hal Gill hit that got him kicked out of the game, but the fact that he apologized and didn’t make a big production out of the early exit really speaks to his character.
Thornton was in a very awkward situation, playing in the city from which he had just been traded. And not only did his new team dominate his old team, Thornton handled the whole uncomfortable event with a lot of class.
In fact, my people would call Thornton a mensch.
The feeling is catching on.
Obviously, Boston Globe writer Kevin Paul Dupont still hates Thornton. Apparently, at some point, Thornton peed in Dupont’s corn flakes. But the Herald seems to think the Bruins were a better team with Thornton (although they suggest that maybe he didn’t need to be the captain).