Rangers West

Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe and coach Craig MacTavish were both Rangers in 1994 when New York won the Cup.
So of course, they were both at Mark Messier’s number-retirement.
Because of that, and because the Rangers were playing Edmonton that night.
All the former Rangers from the 1994 team wore Rangers jerseys (including Montreal Canadien Alex Kovalev) but Lowe and MacTavish didn’t. According to Bruce Garrioch, MacTavish said it was just a superstition issue: “The last thing we wanted our players to see was us out there wearing the Rangers jersey while they were getting prepared to play the Rangers.”
Yeah. It would be so shocking to see someone from Edmonton strapping on a Ranger jersey. No one’s ever seen that before.
I’m lucky enough to have in my possession, a list of other things MacTavish thinks might shock his team:

    There’s no Santa Claus.

    Hockey is played on ice.

    That chick from THE CRYING GAME was a dude.

    A Jennifer Aniston movie is doing poorly at the box office.