Devil of a Sell

The move of the season (so far) has been New Jersey locking in Martin Brodeur.
This is a team that had a very bad season in terms of free-agent signings. I imagine a lot of players are a little bit scared of coming to New Jersey. But when a goalie of Brodeur’s caliber takes less than market value to stay somewhere, it makes you take notice. It sends the message that this is a team that’s committed to winning. And it makes the summer’s free-agent misfires seem like just that &#151 unfortunate moves and not an organizational weakness.
Compare that to the Bruins, who signed Dave Scatchard in August and traded him in November. And who are also rumored to be looking for a way to move Brian Leetch, another summer signee. And I also seem to recall Boston moving another high-profile player earlier this season.
Or compare the Devils to Florida, who have a goalie hell-bent on leaving the Panthers. Although, to be fair, Luongo is getting worked to death in a state made up almost entirely of retirees, which has to be annoying.
New Jersey locked in a goalie who seems to be returning to the fine form he hasn’t shown since sometime before their loss to the Flyers in the 2004 playoffs and they managed to show the rest of the league that they’re a stable franchise.
That’s a nice move.
Speaking of the Devils, it seems that just about everyone is in the running to be their next coach (login info.). The Post has a list of potential candidates that spans from Dave Lewis to Richard Lewis and from Barry Melrose to Kimberly, from MELROSE PLACE.
Larry Brooks wonders if GM Lou Lamoriello will coach until Pat Burns, currently fighting cancer, is ready to return this summer.