Great One: ‘Janet Who?’

I’m not too interested in this whole “Operation Slapshot,” hockey gambling thing.
Obviously, I think it’s a great name for an operation. In fact, I wish the authorities could have gotten the Hanson Brothers involved in some way.
But other than that untapped possibility, it’s kind of a non-story for me.
If players want to bet on other sports, I don’t really care (although, Las Vegas bookmakers are saying that athletes always claim they don’t bet on their own sports &#151 even in the cases when they do).
I don’t even think the allegations against Janet “Mrs. Wayne Gretzky” Jones are that interesting. If she wants to bet on sports (if she even did, that is), she’s an adult. It’s not legal, but it’s not like she’s killing drifters.
I’m fascinated by Wayne “Mr. Janet Jones” Gretzky’s reaction to all of this, though. Like his bizarre denial:

    First of all, my wife is my best friend…My love for her is deeper than anything. The reality is, I’m not involved, I wasn’t involved and I’m not going to be involved.

What’s deeper? Your love or your denials? Is it me, or did Wayne just totally throw his wife under the bus? Did he really need to express his love and his innocence in the same sentence? Couldn’t he just say the charges are BS? He’s her husband. Any accusations against her are going to involve him. Does he not realize that? It’s just such a slimy thing to say.
I’m also not a big fan of Wayne’s whole ‘I don’t gamble except in Las Vegas’ defense. What is that? That’s like saying, ‘I don’t drink, except in bars.’ You either gamble, or you don’t. But to try and qualify it and rationalize it is really weak. Why didn’t he just say what he obviously yearns to: ‘I don’t gamble except for when my wife makes me. At gunpoint.’
So yeah. I don’t think Wayne is doing a great job of handling this.