Everything But

I love how Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones are using a complex “except” strategy to defend themselves against the “Operation Slapshot” allegations.
In today’s edition, Jones explains how her husband is no gambler.

    Other than an occasional horse race, my husband does not bet on any sport.

You might remember Gretzky’s explanation yesterday, that he never gambles.
Except in Las Vegas.
So so far, we’ve learned that Gretzky is a non-gambler, except for Vegas and the ponies.
This is a great defense.
I think it might be time for the Gretzkys to start working with some kind of PR person.
As is often the case, there is now a blog dedicated to the NHL gambling scandal. It’s hockeyscandal.blogspot.com.
In other fun hockey news, Jose Theodore’s Propecia is really working: You can see it in this picture.