Canada: ‘Everyone But Todd Gets an A’

FYI, even with the Olympics, hockey business goes on.
The Stars claimed a player off waivers, thus getting Jeremy Stevenson for half price from Nashville (login info.).
I think since goalie Tim Thomas snuck through waivers for Boston, teams are starting to feel they can really find some gems on the waiver wire. And at half price, who can resist? Take two! They’re small!
I haven’t been able to watch any Olympic hockey yet. I just read that Team Canada named Rob Blake, Chris Pronger, Simon Gagne and Jarome Iginla as alternate captains to Joe Sakic, which leads me to wonder: who isn’t a captain on Team Canada? I guess Todd Bertuzzi because of that whole “attacked someone during a game” thing? Or is there actually some kind of colonel designation I don’t know about?
I didn’t have a chance to watch Team USA play yesterday but I was so psyched to see goalie John Grahame going toe-to-toe with goalie Arturs Irbe. Isn’t the Olympics all about the elite facing the elite? And what says elite more than Grahame and Irbe. I just wish the Olympics could showcase more second and third-tier goalies. And thank goodness Team USA didn’t decide to get Ryan Miller in the goalie mix somehow. Who would want to see high-quality goaltending on the international stage?
Also, upon my request, Eric at Off Wing very graciously posted some PR advice for Wayne Gretzky.
I feel pretty bad for Gretzky, though. This picture from yesterday’s Times says so much about the hell that is Being Wayne Gretzky.
This also does a nice job (be careful; most of the other t-shirts on this site aren’t really safe for most work environments).