US Gets Gold…In Kvetching

I have to admit, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Olympics this year.
It could be lingering loyalties from hosting TODAY for 18 days with Bryant Gumbel. Jane Pauley, you see, lost a bit of a flutter to my father, and they decided the best way to settle things would be for Jane to go on vacation while I co-hosted.
But that’s not the point. The point is I’m really not digging the Olympics.
Even though the US team’s implosion is kind of juicy. Not only were they eliminated in the quarter finals by Finland, Mike Modano went after USA Hockey, accusing them of being a poorly oiled machine.
I didn’t watch a ton of Olympic hockey, but from what I saw, the US was pretty whipped by the wider ice surface. Guys had no idea how to get to the puck and cut down on angles. And it was pretty obvious the team never really practiced together. It wasn’t that Team USA was old (which they were), it was that they were just totally unprepared for the east-west European style of play. You’d watch the US on a power play and they’d have guys 30 feet apart from each other. A lot of times, it looked THE DAY AFTER on ice out there.
Team Canada didn’t do much better. Sadly for my gossip-loving self, no one from Team Canada complained about the Team Canada brass.
I’m pretty curious what this loss means to coach Pat Quinn. If he had brought home a gold (or even a silver), it would have been a lot tougher for the Leafs, who have underperformed much like Team Canada, to fire him. But now, seeing the losses pile up on both sides of the Atlantic, GM John Ferguson, whose job is believed to be in danger, has a solid justification for a Quinn-ectomy.