Olympic Hangover

Oh my goodness I love the NHL’s narrow little ice.
I might have once suggested that the NHL go with that wide international ice, but after watching the Olympics and then the NHL, I’m going to have to insist the NHL stick with their claustrophobic rinks.
You really need the guys bumping into each other to make the game exciting. Without guys throwing picks to create space, you just have a lot of passing.
So, I guess, I’m grateful for the Olympics because it made me realize how well the NHL works in some ways.
And the worst case of Olympic fatigue? So far, it’s got to be Doc Emrick. Watching him call Devils/Flyers last night, his voice cracked, he often got tongue-tied, and he even called the wrong players once or twice. It was strange to hear it from Emrick, who doesn’t usually make mistakes.
I guess it was that grueling hockey schedule. I think he sometimes called two games a day in Turin.
So I guess it’s good he wasn’t partying in Sweden with everyone else.