Make Trade Fair

Tim Panaccio’s solution to this whole ‘What should the NHL do about the Olympics’ debate?
It’s pretty smart, actually.
He says to move hockey to the summer Olympics (login info.). Just like basketball.
I don’t know how the whole ice element fits into this plan. Mostly, I’m just morbidly fascinated by the Olympics.
Going back to the NHL, Larry Brooks is urging the Rangers not to regress and try and pick up a high-priced, glamourous player via trade (login info.).
Watching the Knicks implode as they have, I think just about every sports fan in New York is praying the Rangers don’t collapse the way the Knicks have.
Meanwhile, over on the west coast, the Kings are looking to grab Roberto Luongo (login info.). The Kings would hand over goalie Mathieu Garon and some prospects. The Kings are also rumored to be in the hunt for Washington’s Brendan Witt. They’re a bubble-team that really needs to consider serious upgrades like these if they want to stay in the playoffs.
But then again, everyone is rumored to want the rock-steady Witt.
Bucky Gleason says the Sabres should have traded goalie Martin Biron while he was hot and starting. Of course, if anything had happened to Ryan Miller, or he didn’t come back as quickly and as strongly as he did, I’m guessing the article would have read something like ‘the Sabres shouldn’t have traded Biron.’
It’s one of the perks of not being a GM.