Trade Madness

Tomorrow is the NHL’s trade deadline.
So much fun for fans.
So not fun for the players.
The Islanders, without a GM, locked up both Radek Martinek and Shawn Bates.
That’s such a great move. Because it’s not like a new GM would want his own players. Martinek and Bates are solid players and their contracts aren’t crazy, but I don’t know why the team would move forward on contracts without knowing where the team is going.
I think Oilers GM Kevin Lowe has a good grip on what this year’s trade deadline will be like, though: “It looks like there’s going to be a real premium on prospects. Not draft choices or players who were drafted but are still three or four years away. Prospects. High end prospects. Maybe guys off your team.”
I think he’s right. Teams are going to be scared to take a chance on high-priced stars. If it doesn’t work out, you not only ruin your playoff chances, you ruin the next few seasons.
But if teams can manage to also pry loose some future talent, then the high-priced stars don’t seem so scary.