Hard Hits

I think it’s so interesting how a lot of hockey writers are reacting to Brooks Orpik’s mighty, season-ending hit on Carolina’s Erik Cole.
A lot of people are calling it a clean, tough, Old NHL-style hit.
Guys like Larry Brooks (login info.) and Tim Panaccio (login info.).
I don’t know. Panaccio talks about how the players are bigger and stronger, just about every season. Eventually, someone is going to get seriously, seriously hurt. But what do you do about it? Outlaw checking? Or perhaps, the answer is to play hockey underwater. Where it’s safe. Except for the sharks. And the no oxygen.
But it’s also very soft down there.
Also, speaking of New York hockey teams, the Islanders dressing room was flooded with sewage. It’s the first time that happened without GM Mike Milbury making some kind of trade or signing.
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