Things I Wonder About

I don’t watch a lot of OLN. In fact, I try and avoid OLN whenever I can. But they had Rangers-Bruins last night, and it was blacked out locally, so I watched OLN.
The video quality was shockingly good. Everything was really clear and crisp. And OLN has really figured out their camera work. But what’s the deal with that weird electric guitar they put under everything. Is there some sort of audio feed from a Sam Ash? I mean, that music can’t have been made within the last ten or 15 years. I’m like 90% sure they don’t even make guitars with whammy bars anymore.
Do you know what else I wonder about? This whole Vancouver Canucks implosion (covered very well here). People are saying Todd Bertuzzi is bringing the room down and being kind of a drag. Does anyone else think the obvious love between the Sedin Twins and Anson Carter would cancel all of that negative energy, though? Every time I see Carter interviewed, he can’t say enough nice things about playing with the Sedins. I always kind of like to think that second-line love can overcome the Bert-moodiness.
Do you know what else I wonder about? How can Scotty Bowman say “Goalies in playoffs make a difference” and no one sarcastically thanks him for the stunning observation (login info.)?
I don’t know. Maybe I’m a big jerk.