Hanlon: ‘…And Drive the Zamboni, Too’

I know a lot of people around the hockey blogosphere aren’t huge fans of Damien Cox’s blog, but I think it’s a good read.
It’s not very bloggy, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. For instance, Cox tipped me off to the fact that Alex Ovechkin is in Cap coach Glen Hanlon’s doghouse, with Ovechkin benched in Washington’s 4-2 loss to Montreal Monday (login info.).
Is anyone noticing a pattern with Hanlon and the Caps in general? They have superstars who they don’t like to play. The Caps wanted Jaromir Jagr to be a 50-goal-scoring two-way forward. Hanlon wouldn’t elaborate on his beef with Ovechkin, but I’m guessing it’s a similar issue. You know, if you score 44 goals, you’re probably not always playing defense. It’s unfortunate, but I wouldn’t think it’s really surprising. Especially this late in the season. Is Hanlon really trying to change Ovechkin into Keith Primeau?