Boston Media: ‘Joe Who?’

You know the interesting thing about Bruins GM Mike O’Connell getting fired (login info.)?
The Boston media not really locking in on the Joe Thornton trade as the reason for O’Connell’s going on the dole.
Obviously, the reasons are a lot more complex than a single trade, but you can’t tell me that giving away one of the NHL’s best players is going to impress your boss. At least Herald blogger Douglas Flynn admitted the decision to trade Thornton was unpopular in the Bruins locker room. But wouldn’t you think it would also be unpopular in the corporate suites?
The Boston media really didn’t like Thornton very much. It’s interesting to see that angle in their coverage of O’Connell’s canning.
Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe had an interesting column discussing how the Bruins came out of the lockout better prepared than most teams, with very little salary tied up for this year. But O’Connell couldn’t transition that into success. He had a core that was working, and could have grown that core into a dominant team, but he assumed the lockout would shake loose much better players. O’Connell went for the two birds in the bush rather than the one in his hand and ultimately it cost him his job.
Next in the NHL unemployment pool?
I don’t think Pat Quinn is making any Leafs-related appointments more than an hour in advance.