Fall Leafs, Fall

Damien Cox on the Leafs:

The concept last summer, when the Leafs came out of the lockout by adding big pivots Eric Lindros and Jason Allison to go with Mats Sundin, was that the threesome would provide size, muscle and scoring at the centre ice position.

With the indomitable Ed Belfour in net, the Leafs would, in theory, have the proverbial strength up the middle that would drive a strong season.

I’m sorry. Did I miss the people who thought it was a good idea to sign two players with huge concussion histories and an elderly goalie? Who didn’t see this coming? I’m a huge Eric Lindros fan and I knew you couldn’t hang your team’s success on the Big E.
So yeah. I’m not sure who Cox found that was really shocked by how the Leafs’ season turned out. Maybe he’s been hanging with Pat Quinn.