Changing Channels

The funniest thing about LA King Sean Avery being crazy (login info.)?
It forces HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA‘s Kelly Hrudey to go off on a rant about Avery and respect and hockey and how Avery’s antics are somehow destroying the very fabric of civilization.
And without fail, right when Hrudey is weeping into the camera, imploring Avery to change his sinning ways in a vaguely threatening way, Mrs. PuckUpdate always walks into the room and asks what Hrudey’s deal is and if Avery maybe hurt someone in Hrudey’s family.
I wish someone would tell Hrudey not to take Avery’s outbursts so personally.
Also, for some reason, in my head, Hrudey is played by Val Kilmer.
Speaking of HNIC, I loved when Vancouver Canuck Brendan Morrison was asked about his line not producing like they need to. Morrison just looked relieved when the question ended and didn’t morph into a discussion of if Todd Bertuzzi is truly bringing down the room in Vancouver.
Also, this isn’t hockey related, but I just saw The Dallas Morning News has a blog from New York Yankee washout turned Cowboy prospect Drew Henson, who’s playing in NFL Europe. So congratulations to me for finding the So NoTORIous of sports blogs.