The Stars At Night, Are Big And Bright

The Dallas Morning News has an interesting look at the rebirth of hockey in Dallas (login info.).
But first, a shout-out to all of the hockey-loving librarians in Dallas. I know there are a lot of you.
And we’re back.
Stars President Jim Lites tries to credit the salary cap with allowing the Stars to lower ticket prices and woo fans but the fans say they’re impressed by other things:

“Honestly, the thing that pushed me over the top was the Ice Breaker they held before the season,” said Taylor Millard, 26, of the team’s meet-and-greet with players held at American Airlines Center. “It seemed the players were really shocked and happy to see so many fans there, and I think that made you feel appreciated.”

I just find it so interesting how so many NHL teams seem to have no idea just how unpopular the game is with mainstream sports fans. You can’t just put on a game and expect people to show up. You really have to sell hockey in most US markets. It’s cool to see a team realizing that.
Also, goodbye to Luc Robitaille. Did he stay at the party too long?
Is he a nice guy who earned that right?
Is his name a bit confusing to spell?