Who’s on Third?

Do you still think we’re going to hear Ranger coach Tom Renney’s name mentioned for the Jack Adams trophy?
On the one hand, he did get the team into the playoffs for the first time in something like 100 years and he did get Jaromir Jagr to play like he did in NHL93 for Sega.
So he definitely did a nice job this year.
But, as the team’s recent implosion documents, he did leave some stones covered.
Like leaning very hard on Jagr. Whenever the team got in trouble, Jagr was on the ice. Renney never really developed any kind of secondary threat. And with guys like Petr Prucha and Petr Sykora, there’s no reason the scoring couldn’t have been spread out a bit more.
Also, Renney never developed a serious third line. Obviously, the Rangers have a third line, but it’s not a conventional checking line. It’s more of the seventh through ninth best forwards on the team.
So, while I appreciate Renney’s ability to get Jagr going this year, it might have been nice if he had done something for the rest of the team, too. I understand that as Jagr goes, so go the Rangers. But you can build a gritty third line without taking anything away from Jagr and whatever it is he needs to feel happy. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t even know who plays on the Rangers’ checking line.