How a Bill Becomes a Scorer

I’m not sure why, but Bill Guerin fascinates me.
Actually, I am kind of sure why.
For some reason, I’m captivated by athletes who implode for no real reason.
Guerin spent his first chunk of time in Dallas injured.
Later on, he had simply lost his power and finesse.
And now, around the Stars, there’s a feeling Guerin might be about to return to his dominant, Boston-esque form (login info.). Although, to be fair to Guerin and his abilities, his 41 goal, 66 point season in Boston was really more of an anomaly than any of his other seasons.
But yeah. The Stars might put Guerin on a scoring line, now that he’s heating up a bit. It could be interesting to watch. I don’t think Dallas will go all the way, but I’m pretty sure they’ll get past Colorado.
Also, classy move by Toronto announcing coach Pat Quinn’s beheading right before the playoffs. That couldn’t have waited. Because no one saw that coming.
It’s so freaking sad. The Leafs aren’t in the playoffs and it’s almost like they can’t stand the attention being given to the successful franchises.
I’m wondering if Quinn will end up back West in Vancouver.