Hot Flames! Seriously

So I don’t really know the deal exctly, but apparently women in Calgary like to be scantily clad to show their love for the Flames?
Back in 2004, women were flashing their breasts to show their support for the Flames. There was even a site featuring Calgary women, but I can’t remember it or find it. But now there’s a new one:
<SIDEBAR> Does the person who wrote that amihotornot script make money every time someone uses it? Because they must be pretty rich. It’s like the “Happy Birthday” of Internet scripts.</SIDEBAR>
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s A) probably not safe for work, B) exploitive of women, and C) it’s just kind of incongruous. But for some reason, the whole thing fascinates me. You can love your team and you can love hot women, but I really didn’t see a place where the two ideas meet. And yet, here, on the Internet, they intersect.
And it’s sort of interesting to me, because here in the US, we don’t have those SUNshine Girls (featuring women wearing outfits that look like the first six minutes of most bachelor parties) in our newspapers. I think that’s more of a British/Canadian thing. So I’m wondering if that’s related somehow, like the Calgary Sun has sporting news and almost-nude women, so why shouldn’t sporting events have the two? And as near as I can tell, this whole topless/scantily-clad fans thing seems to be limited to Calgary, although my research is pretty limited. If anyone from out there wants to kind of clue me into to what’s behind all of this, I’m pretty curious. And where are the Oiler hotties?
I don’t know. Someone sent me the link through MySpace and I hate to let anyone down.