The Olympics Are Never Over; Hockey Guys Are Nice

Yesterday’s Times had an interesting take on the Rangers’ implosion, blaming the Olympics.
So here’s my updated Olympics vs. Playoffs chart:

chart showing number of Olympians on NHL playoff teams

The chart still says that the Olympics didn’t negatively impact all teams. Colorado did just fine with their 10 Olympians (although one was goalie David Aebischer, who was traded to Montreal). Still, I’m guessing an awful lot of GMs are going to lobby against NHL participation in the next Olympics. Even if the next Winter Games are in Vancouver.
Also, PR Week has an interesting interview with writer Jeff Pearlman, where Pearlman, a former SI writer gives a shout-out to hockey:

PRWeek: As far as leagues and their teams go, which do you think does the best in terms of external PR with media and fans?
Pearlman: I would say hockey. The players are just so accessible. In baseball you get the most access to players, but there’s a certain level of guardedness to baseball players. Hockey players are just the easiest to deal with. Whatever you need, you get with hockey. I haven’t covered that much hockey, but I have a lot of friends that are hockey writers and they always talk about how easy the players and PR guys are to deal with. They even let reporters fly with the team.

I’m guessing the Flyers won’t be so easy to deal with today, though.