Ain’t No Cake Like a Johnny Cake

Larry Brooks thinks the OLN/NBC studio shows are boring (login info.). He’s pitching Jeremy Roenick as a talking head. I think it would be cool to pair him with Brett Hull. They even kind of look alike. Brooks’ point is that if you have a studio show, your hosts have to be interesting and mix it up a little bit. OLN has been bringing in lots of CBC feeds. I think they have the right idea. I don’t know why they don’t just telecast some Canadian sports talk radio. I bet it would be a great listen. Not that I know much about Canadian sports talk radio. I’m just guessing.
* * *
Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers would re-sign Peter Forsberg after next season. Even though he’s scheduled to miss half of next season with ankle surgery. And that’s a really interesting part of the new NHL. Injured players don’t count against the cap, and there’s no cap in the post-season, so it’s a really amazing deal for the Flyers to have Forsberg. Basically, he can take the regular season off and then swoop in to help out for the playoffs. And I’ve long felt Forsberg should be pretty much kept out of the regular season and used in the playoffs. Why wear him down until, when you need him most, he’s injured or out of gas?
* * *
The ice at Arrowhead Pond sucks (login info.).
The perils of expansion. This never happened in Winnipeg.