Shero a Penguin

OK. Quick update.
Ray Shero won’t be the next Bruins’ GM.
He’s going to Pittsburgh.
Apparently Shero wanted a dysfunctional franchise on the east coast. But he didn’t care which one.
The Bruins are now looking at Ottawa’s Peter Chiarelli.
I’m going to pray for Chiarelli tonight.
ESPN’s aweome Uni Watch now has a blog: Wednesday, he had a nice catch: Buffalo’s Jay McKee wears padding over his skates. That’s a huge part of how Buffalo has clogged the shooting lanes. Maybe Anaheim should invest in some of those extra pads.
Also, I grabbed a beer after work today and noticed my Heineken had a link to I really feel like I might be the only person to ever see that link on the bottle and then go look it up. Otherwise, I feel like it might make more sense to actually emphasize the benefits of drinking responsibly directly on the bottle.
You know. Rather than depending on people getting home safely and remembering the URL.