It’s Time

Stanley Cup Finals start tonight. I’ve got to admit. I’m not too psyched. It’s one thing to watch a goalie like Patrick Roy or Martin Brodeur in the finals. It’s pure genius in action. But Dwayne Roloson? Does anyone think that at age 36 he’s going to become an impact goalie beyond this playoff run? Roloson is giving good playoff. But it’s pretty obvious this isn’t a permanent situation. So where’s the fun in watching that? Or in watching the Frankengoalie tandem of Cam Gerber, for that matter? By game two, I suspect Hurricanes Coach Peter Laviolette will alternate them over intermissions.
But I’ll still watch. It’s still the Stanley Cup, dude. Or The Stanley Cup, as the good people at Alloy Media will tell you.
And THE SOPRANOS are done for a while, anyway.