Life Goes On

I realize the Stanley Cup finals are on, but hockey goes on for clubs that aren’t playing for the Cup.
Like Boston. Did anyone else know they don’t have access to their new GM until July? New GM Peter Chiarelli will continue working for the Senators until then. Plus, the Bruins are giving up a a second- or third-round draft choice in the next four years for Chiarelli. The Boston Herald had details on exactly what the Bruins GM can and can’t do:

The only visible involvement Chiarelli can have with the Bruins is the decision on whether head coach Mike Sullivan and his assistants stay or go, and also on the list of unrestricted free agents the B’s attempt to sign.

And that’s it. He can’t make decisions on buyouts (Alexei Zhamnov), UFA signings (Hall Gill, Brian Leetch) or trades (Andrew Raycroft).

Nor will Chiarelli have any input on what will be a very important Bruins draft with three picks in the first 50, including the crucial No. 5 choice.

I’m shocked Chiarelli even wants the job in Boston. They can’t even hire a GM like a normal team. I actually have more input into their franchise than their GM does.
* * *
Speaking of crazy franchises, there’s a growing thought on Long Island that the Islanders might end up re-hiring “promoted” GM Mike Milbury. With all the good GMs hired, there might not be anyone else to hire. Although, truthfully, I’d rather have some sort of drunken monkey running my franchise, before I’d give Milbury the keys. That’s just how I roll, though. To be honest, a drunken monkey is helping me write this.