Game Seven Rates…For Hurricanes

So how about those Hurricanes, eh?
Was it me or was Edmonton just a smidge to nervous? I saw quite a few overshot passes, especially in the first two periods. It’s crazy to think that if Edmonton had connected on just one of those passes, they might have wound up with the Cup.
Was testosterone the culprit? If you’re going strictly by facial hair, I’m going to have to say yes.
Actually, I think the Oilers were thrown by Carolina coach Peter Laviolette moving to match-ups and a left-wing lock. He completely changed his style of coaching. NBC’s Pierre McGuire even said something weird, like ‘Laviolette is smart for changing his coaching morals for this game.’ I’m not sure if morals is the right word, but by changing his coaching strategy, he seemed to disrupt Edmonton’s game.
It was still a great series, though. And a pretty great game seven.
And you know it’s a good game seven when the US ratings are good (the Canadian ratings weren’t bad, either). And, NBC decided to add some more NHL games to their schedule for next season (login info.).
And I’d like to admit something: ESPN was really good about covering the Stanley Cup finals. They had Barry Melrose down in Raleigh for the finals and everything. They talked about it on MIKE & MIKE. There might have been more, but I’m not a big ESPN guy. But what I saw and heard was all very classy.