Draft Dodging

I’m not much of a draft person, but I love me some trades!
Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo? The most shocking part of that trade was that Luongo was actually looking to sign a contract in Florida (login info.). Hasn’t he been turning them down for years? Wasn’t he less willing to sign a contract than Heather Mills?
Vancouver is getting the goalie they’ve needed for the past decade or so. Florida is getting a damaged star, but one who might look shockingly good with the Panthers’ beefy top line. Bertuzzi with Olli Jokinen and Nate Horton? Those are some big boys who happen to have some scoring ability. It could be pretty interesting to watch.
Plus, Larry Brooks says Bertuzzi might be bait to lure Bertuzzi friend Ed Jovanovski back to God’s waiting room (login info.). Brooks also has dirt on what the Oilers want for Chris Pronger. For instance, according to Brooks, they asked Florida for Jay Bouwmeester, Nathan Horton and the 10th-overall pick in this year’s draft. That’s a very, very steep price. I’m wondering which team will be able to meet the Oilers’ needs.
I was pretty shocked the Bruins would trade goalie Andrew Raycroft to a Northeast rival. The Leafs have a lot of question marks in goal, from Elderly Ed Belfour back. I don’t know why you would trade an Ontario native with something to prove to a rival team in Toronto. Why not talk about his mom while you’re at it? Isn’t that the only other way to provoke Raycroft into playing the best hockey of his life? I guess these things happen when your GM works for another team.
Also, speaking of shocking, the Kings are expected to give Sean “Foot-in-Mouth” Avery another year on his contract (login info.). It sort of makes you wonder how big a jerk you have to be to not get an extension.
That sound you hear? It’s Kelly Hrudey crying.