Bruins and Ruins

Dave Lewis is stepping in as Boston’s coach.
Some in the Boston media say outgoing coach Mike Sullivan got a raw deal. You know. Because everyone above him was insane. It sucks for Sullivan, but he’s probably better off out of Boston.
By the way. Did you know Craig MacTavish’s name was in the mix for the Boston gig? Jim Kelley says MacTavish might not be long for Edmonton, hypothesizing he’s been officially cast as the team’s fall guys if things don’t go well next season.
And what’s up with Mark Cuban and Dan Marino wanting to buy the Penguins? Am I the only who thinks VH1 is behind all of this so they can launch a new reality series? Or are we expected to believe that both Ted Lange and Mayim Bialik also just happen to be looking for an NHL-type investment?