Oilers: ‘Wait. The Ducks are in Our Conference? Are You Sure?’

Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid, and a first-round pick for Chris Pronger? Wasn’t Edmonton asking for Jay Bouwmeester, Nate Horton, and a first round pick like a week or so ago?
I wasn’t even that shocked by that part of the trade. I was more shocked that Edmonton would give away Pronger to someone in their conference. If I’m the Oilers, and the deals aren’t what I was expecting, I’m thinking, ‘If there’s no way he’ll play for us, then I’m just giving him to the worst team in the east, where he’ll never bother us or come back to haunt us.’
If I’m the Oilers, I’m like ‘Happy birthday, Pittsburgh Penguins. Enjoy Chris Pronger.’
Or ship him out to an awful Western team.
The Blackhawks wanted Pronger (login info.). Why not give him to Chicago? It’s like shipping him out of the NHL, without actually having to ship him out of the NHL.
I don’t know why the Oilers would move Pronger to a team with Scott Niedermayer. Anaheim’s defense is now sick. Do they even need a fifth or sixth defenseman?
In other defenseman news, the Dallas Stars have eight. And they would have had nine if they had been able to re-sign Willie Mitchell.
And is it me or are the Rangers, ever so slowly, signing away all of the Carolina Hurricanes? I’m actually a little shocked Pronger didn’t end up in New York, since there’s that big Edmonton-New York pipeline. I guess the pipeline was closed. I think the Oilers are still a bit PO’d about Radek “Disappointing” Dvorak.
Good-bye, Steve Yzerman. I’m proud to share my name with you.
Happy Fourth of July!