Bruins: ‘Can We Just Have a Team of Nine, Like the Celtics?’

I’m always interested in what the Bruins are up to because they almost get things right, but then they sort of fail miserably.
Like last season, they made sure they had no one signed, with the thought that it would let them woo free agents. But then, there weren’t really any free agents to woo. And then, quite famously, they compounded the error by giving away their franchise player.
So this year the Bruins, still waiting for their GM to start working, went after all of their marks very hard.
And that’s how you end up with over a quarter of your cap tied up in two players.
It’s all about planning.
And how about the Coyotes signing Georges Laraque? He’s going to look great with Jeremy Roenick. Have the Coyotes just completely abandoned the idea of the new NHL? The team is just pure bruisers. It’s like a casting-call for SLAPSHOTS 5. They could loan the team out to the Arizona Cardinals.