Devils: ‘Can We Borrow Against Next Year’s Cap?’

I have to say, I’m pretty shocked/impressed by Brendan Shanahan’s rationale for leaving the Wings.
He just felt the organization was shifting in a new direction and he didn’t feel a part of the changes. It’s very mature and self-aware. He wasn’t being pissy or pouty. He just didn’t want to be the guy who stayed at the party too long. It’s something you don’t see in professional sports very often. Of course, Shanahan kind of undoes a little of that aura of maturity by talking about being excited to play for an Original Six team when he left one (Detroit) and was being wooed by another two (Detroit and Montreal). It’s not like he had a non-Original Six offer on the table.
I guess when you’re self-aware, you lose some awareness of the Original Six teams. That’s OK, though.
Meanwhile, in New Jersey, they just gave defenseman Colin White, an $18 million, six-year contract, showing the Devils are all about the long contract in the new NHL. That’s cool. But according to my math (see below), the Devils are at $43,930,000.00 in salary, and still haven’t signed RFAs Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, David Hale, and Paul Martin. I’m assuming they’re not going to re-sign free agents Ken Klee, the elderly Tommy Albelin, Viktor Kozlov, and Erik Rasmussen.
Looking at the chart, you might notice $9,300,000.00 tied up in players who are either in the AHL or retired (or arguably retired, in Vladimir Malakhov’s case). That’s got to hurt.
So good luck signing too great players like Gionta and Gomez with $70,000. That’s a Honda Element for each of them.

Chart of New Jersey Devils salaries

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