CuSa is Born; Stars Not Shooting

It’s so interesting how no one wants Manny Legace.
The Blues are being coy about their goalie needs, floating the idea that Curtis Sanford, or CuSa, as I’ve just named him, has enough to be a number one. That might be to keep prices down, though.
I’ve heard rumors that Legace might be toxic in the locker room, but plenty of players are bad news or have bad reputations. They still find work. At first, I thought the league’s Legacephobia had to do with Legace being much more of a backup goalie than a starter, but the guy put up 60 wins in his last two seasons in Detroit. That makes him, if not a top ten goalie, at least a top 15.
So yeah. That’s all kind of weird.
Meanwhile, in Dallas, they’re asking who’s going to score the goals (login info.). The Dallas Morning News has a projected depth chart and you notice a crazy thing about the Stars: They have no second line. They have a great (albeit old) top line of Jussi Jokinen, Mike Modano, and Jere Lehtinen. They have a tough third line with Niklas Hagman, Jeff Halpern, and Antti Miettinen. They’ve got a tough fourth line. But the second line is Brenden Morrow, Stu Barnes, and Patrik Stefan, which would probably be a nice little third line anywhere else in the league.
So yeah. Dallas is kind of weird, too.
Meanwhile, has charted the various team salary committments for the next few seasons.
Also, the NHL has plans to launch their own MySpace-type area next season. Registration seems to be closed right now, but you can poke around and find some familiar blog friends.
Finally, does anyone else think Sergei Samsonov signing with the Habs is a giant middle finger to the Bruins? I’m sure quite a few teams were interested in Samsonov. Why sign with your old team’s greatest enemy?