Bruins to Trump: ‘Fire Us. On TV. Please’

The Bruins signed a bunch of free agents this offseason (look for them to be traded a few weeks into the season), so of course, they have to undo any kind of goodwill by building a reality series around the team.
The Bruins are filming a reality show where the winner gets an invitation to the Bruins’ training camp.
Call it BOSTONIAN IDOL or SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SKATE or BIG BRUIN. I don’t see how this does anything to help the perception that the Bruins are a classless operation who never met a bad idea they didn’t love.
As proof of just how classy this show is, there’s only one contestant with NHL experience: Billy Tibbetts. Tibbetts raped a 15-year-old girl in 1992.
I’m not going to debate crime and punishment and redemption and rehabilitation. I’m just going to question why the Bruins would use Tibbetts as a mechanism for promoting the team.