The Death of the Vancouver Canucks

The Globe and Mail looks at the new direction the Canucks are taking.
On the plus side, they’ve finally got a happening goalie. On the minus side, one of the league’s most exciting teams is no more. Coach Marc Crawford is gone. Defenseman Ed Jovanovski, in many ways, the engine behind the offense, is gone. Todd Bertuzzi, the bull in a china shop, is gone. New coach Alain Vigneault really has no choice but to go into a defensive stance with his team. He just doesn’t have a team with the same kind of legs previous versions of the Canucks have had.
All in all, I’m kind of bummed. I spent many a night watching the Canucks because their hockey was so much fun to watch. True, it wasn’t always successful hockey, but it was almost always entertaining. Even when Bertuzzi was Berbrooding and when Jovocop was out, there was still something about the culture of the team. All they wanted to do was skate fast. Defense? Not so much.
But that’s all going to change. I’m not sure who my new late-night Western Conference team will be.