Conserving Hockey Blogging Energy

I got tagged (finally) with the “Five Weird Things About You/Me Meme”, so here are five weird things about me:

  1. I love the Food Network. I pretty much watch it on a loop
  2. Cars freak me out big time (but I know how to drive and all that). I just don’t like them
  3. Eric Lindros fascinates me. So much unfulfilled talent. So many unmet expectations. It’s a psychology experiment that unfolded before our eyes
  4. Back in the day, I wrote trivia (among other things) for This was during Bubble 1.0. There were also some other online game sites in there. But Uproar was the big one
  5. I enjoy watching radio on TV. SEE: Mike and Mike on ESPN2 and Mike and the Mad Dog on YES.

I don’t even know who’s left to tag. Andrew? Dubi? Mike? Blogless Matt?