Sinden: ‘Wait. There Are Other Teams in the League? Is That a New Thing?’

OK. Not a ton of hockey news this week and still, I’ve been delinquent:

Harry Sinden resigned as president of the Bruins, leaving a legacy of being a cost-conscious manager (login info.). Right. Which is why he gave then-rookie Joe Thornton an easy-to-hit-incentive-laden contract that boosted his “standard rookie contract” from $925,000 to about $2.5 million. And this workaround contributed to rising NHL salaries.
It’s important to remember that Sinden wasn’t the NHL’s voice of reason. He was just a guy who short-changed his players and his fellow NHL managers. He wasn’t in favor of cost-certainty. He was just in favor of the Bruins. And even with all that, he didn’t do a great job of helping the Bruins out.

* * *

How do you know you’re a player with juice? When the team sends a trainer to your country to help with your rehab. The Flyers let trainer Jim McCrossin go to Sweden to work with Peter Forsberg and his healing foot and ankle. Forsberg is picking up the tab for McCrossin, his wife, and their kid. I’m guessing this option isn’t available to all of the Flyers.

* * *

Today’s Dallas Morning News has a nice look at the awkwardness of buying out players (login info.). It features commentary from Bill Guerin, who was bought out by the Stars:

“When I signed the contract, I pictured myself going down there and winning the Stanley Cup…When you compare that feeling to this one [being bought out], you feel horrible.”

Well at least he doesn’t have to talk about it.