Neil Smith: ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Me’

The New York Daily News had a very cool story looking at Neil Smith’s post-Ranger career. It’s interesting, because Smith speaks super candidly about his six years without a GM job. He talks about almost getting the GM gig in Toronto in 2003. He talks about how a lot of organizations don’t want to look outside for a new GM. He talks about theories the league unofficially blackballed him for stuff that went on when he ran the Rangers. And obviously, Smith talks about the five minutes he ran the Islanders this summer.
It’s really honest stuff, though. While Smith says he wants another GM gig, his bluntness makes me wonder if he’s sort of realizing it’s not going to happen.
* * *
Is HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA leaving the CBC? Bell Globemedia might be ready to bid $1.4 billion for the rights to the show over the next 10 years. I’m not sure if that price includes Don Cherry or the rights to his suit patterns.
Speaking of Cherry, the Boston Herald has a funny story about his return to Boston Garden after he was fired (he was returning as coach of the Rockies). During a timeout Cherry started signing autographs, trying to tee-off Harry Sinden.
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Good news for you Sami Kapanen fans (and I’m a huge, huge one). Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock is trying to make the forward, who can also play defense, a permanent, puck-moving defenseman (login info.). Kapanen is tough and versatile. I love the idea that Hitchcock is taking advantage of that. I truly believe Kapanen could play goalie if it was needed of him.
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Also, I’m glad Eric at OffWing is feeling better after being under the weather last week. In fact, the dude is feeling so healthy, he’s covering the Denver Grand Prix.
Eric’s a freaking rock star.