Putting the Blues in the Black

I’ve been a little curious about the Blues this summer. They were pretty active in terms of making moves, but a lot of the moves seemed to be gear more toward recapturing their successful-yet-Cupless past, rather than blowing things up and starting over.
It seems to me, looking back on it all, that the team is just trying to establish itself as a serious NHL destination. In the new NHL, where the pay for most players is going to be about the same across the league, players want to win. So before the Blues can look to the future, they have to get their present in order.
In other words, they need to differentiate themselves from the Blackhawks.
But in case you were wondering, the new ownership does wish the old ownership hadn’t traded away Chris Pronger.
You know, I kind of feel like Edmonton might wish the Blues had just held onto Pronger, too.
Anaheim? I think they like how things worked out.