Less and Less of a Pamphlet

Wow! Patrick Roy has an Orthodox Jewish goalie playing for his junior league team.
Because of his religion, goalie Benjamin Rubin can’t play Friday night to sundown Saturday, meaning he’ll miss about half of the Quebec Remparts’ games.
Obviously there have been Jews in hockey before, but you don’t see many Orthodox Jews, mostly because the religious commitments make it very tough to fit in sports, especially at the professional level. I don’t think of Patrick Roy as a particularly patient guy, but it’s huge for him to extend an opportunity to someone like this.
It’s been a good couple of weeks for Jewish sports fans. Shawn Green, Jewish, but not Orthodox, came to the Mets toward the end of August.
And heck. If Michael Peca and Darcy Tucker can patch things up (much like Peca’s knee was patched up after that cheap shot in the 2002 playoffs), maybe there can even be peace in the Middle East.