The Weighting in the Hardest Part

Jarome Iginla dropped some weight over the summer, trying to get a little faster for the new NHL.
I’ve long thought today’s NHL players are way too big. But honestly, if I had to pick the one who uses his bulk to its fullest extent, it would be Iginla. He’s got tremendous grace, but he can barrel through cement, too.
I’ll be curious to see how he does as a lighter and quicker player.
Speaking of weight loss, St. Louis Blue Keith Tkachuk is going out of his way to show he’s in shape for camp this year. Did I mention it’s a contract year?
Truthfully, I think all of this NHL weight loss is driven by those skin-tight jerseys the league is constantly threatening to inflict on the players. Those jerseys are just not forgiving. No one wants their nickname to be lumpy. Trust me. Trust me in second grade.