General Manglers

Speaking of goalies, the Times had an interesting postmortem on the Rick DiPietro deal. Apparently, when the Isles were trying to sign Alexei Yashin, Yashin’s agent pitched the team on an eight-year deal and a 10-year one. I always assumed the Islanders were actively looking for the Yashin decade. Knowing it was sold to the Isles makes the move even crazier. Because it’s not like the Islanders were looking for a 10-year commitment. They were just kind of tricked into it.
Which brings us to Larry Brooks and his Sunday NHL column. This week, Brooks defended Flyers GM Bob Clarke for signing Vancouver “property” Ryan Kesler to an offer sheet (login info.). Brooks points out how it’s smart because it puts the Canucks just about at the cap, meaning they’re out of the running for any expensive, quality players that eventually find their way into the market. Brooks also says:

The wailing from general managers that the going rate for 10-goal scorers has now increased exponentially as a result of the signing is ludicrous. Or have they never heard of the word “no?”

And there you have it. Most GMs don’t know the words ‘no’ or ‘help’ and that’s how agents are able to land 10-year deals for their clients.
One smart GM is New Jersey’s Lou Lamoriello, though. Last Thursday’s Post reported the Devils had hired Steve Pellegrini, former NHL Vice President and Managing Director for Central Registry, to help the Devils out of their cap trouble. Pellegrini is said to be an expert on the CBA and the current cap.
And I’m guessing Pellegrini isn’t on a 25-year contract.