If My Mom Coached in the NHL

I love athletes because they fixate on the oddest things.
Take the St. Louis Blues. They’re coming off an awful season, and if you look before that awful season, you see a team that’s been under-achieving and coasting for quite a while.
So what are they worried about?
The towels. That’s all they can talk about (at least with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, anyway).
Doug Weight, just back from his rental gig with the Hurricanes:

“We’re going to expect a lot from each other. From [something as] simple as promptness to respect to picking your towels off the dang floor.”

Coach Mike Kitchen agrees:

“You don’t go home and throw your towel on the floor because you’re going to suffer the consequences of your wife’s wrath, right? I think what happens here, it’s the same thing.”

So the Blues are set towel-wise. So no need to worry about scoring or goaltending. Because if you take care of the towels, everything else falls into place.
Actually, I can see why the Blues are trying to keep the towels off the floor this season. They sure threw’em in last season.
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Also out of St. Louis: goalie Manny Legace is a fan of the two-goalie system. Not surprising given his history as a backup, but still nice to hear. A successful NHL team needs two viable goalies. Just ask the Oilers about that concept.