Chelios: ‘I Can Play Until 2058’

Chris Chelios: A million years old and still very useful. He doesn’t need a lot of minutes but he can play them if they’re there. That’s a great option to have with your fifth or sixth defenseman. The crazy thing is, if he can be as effective at like 10 minutes a game, maybe working almost exclusively on the penalty kill, with some regular time thrown in, I really think Chelios can play into his 50s.
On a more contemporary note, the Canucks may have found someone to play with the Sedins: Markus Naslund. Which could be a waste since the conventional Canucks wisdom says you could put Peter Puck on a line with the Sedins and he’d score at least 20 goals.
Of course, Peter Puck has really great hands. No arms, but nice hands.