Lord Stanley’s Gravy

OK. First things first.
Thanks to Murph at Islanders Army for taking yesterday’s “Who’s the Bossy” post and bringing it to life.
Obviously, Murph is a genius.
In other news, the Miami Herald reports Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts have been playing together for the past 75 years (login info.).
But for me, the really interesting part is not Roberts and Nieuwendyk’s HIGHLANDEResque relationship, but what Nieuwendyk did with the Dallas Stanley Cup:

When Nieuwendyk won his second Stanley Cup with Dallas in 1999, he took the trophy to the burger joint and filled it with gravy so that patrons could dip fries and eat from it.

As someone who loves gravy, I have to say that Nieuwendyk is just about as genius as Murph.